Laois woman Mary Kate Byrne is now officially the oldest person in Ireland.

Mary Kate, who turned 107 in August, has been confirmed as Ireland’s oldest citizen by the President’s office.

She takes her place at the top of the elderly tree following the deaths this week of 108-year-old Anastasia Kelly in Laois.

Just two weeks ago, Wexford born Olivia Breen died at the age of 109, just two weeks short of her birthday.

Also known as Poppy, Mary Kate who was born on August 14th 1904 is five days older than Katie McMenamin from Rathmullan in County Donegal.

Still resident at her family home in the Laois village of Maganey, Ms Byrne lives beside four generations of her family.

A daily newspaper reader, Polly is fond of a full Irish fried breakfast and puts her longevity down to her avoidance of processed foods, biscuits and alcohol.