Leader Micheal Martin has vowed to rebuild the Fianna Fail party from the bottom up and claimed "There is a lot of fight left in this organization."

Speaking to a thousand strong audience at a $120-a-head dinner in Dublin, Martin revealed radical new plans to rejuvenate the FF brand will be unveiled in February.

He also warned supporters that there will be no quick fix to the rebuttal Fianna Fail suffered at the hands of the public in the last general election.


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Martin also vowed to ensure that "this is not the generation that abandons Fianna Fail."

The party leader said: “There is no way to put a gloss on the election result, and it helps no one to try.

“I regret the distance which grew between the Parliamentary Party and the membership during the long stretch in Government but I determined to put it right.

“After four months of travelling the country to meet with our members, I can tell you something for sure - they are up for it. They believe in the Fianna Fáil tradition. They are proud of our service to this nation over 85 years.”

Outlining the need for change, Martin revealed that the party’s annual meeting next February will vote on radical changes to Fianna Fail structures and a new set of "fundamental aims" to replace those adopted in 1926.