As Michael D. Higgins prepares to take his position as the ninth President of Ireland it seems that his inauguration could be blessed with a Hollywood endorsement from their best known president, Martin Sheen from the ‘West Wing.’

Sheen has been a huge fan of the Galway politician and has worked with him on human rights issues.

Earlier this year, as the Irish presidential campaign began, a 5,000-strong Facebook group was started in an attempt to prompt Sheen to throw his own hat into the ring. Despite being best known in recent years for his role in “The West Wing,” as U.S. President Jed Bartlett, Sheen assured the Irish people that he would not be suited to the role.

He did, however, give a warm endorsement of his “friend” Higgins.


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The Evening Echo reported, back in September, that “Sheen has publicly backed Labour’s presidential candidate for the Aras.

“He said “There is, however, one candidate that I most heartily support – my dear friend Michael Higgins.

“A vote for Michael is a real vote for Ireland."

Sheen spent time studying at the National University of Ireland Galway. During that time he lived in Galway and became firm friends with Ireland’s future president.

The Hollywood actor based himself in Barna, Galway and studied English Literature, Philosophy, and Oceanography.

On Friday evening it became apparent after the first count that Michael D Higgins had won the position of the ninth President of Ireland. The Galway man received 701,000, from a possible 1.77 million, votes.

Since last weekend Higgins just from behind by 15 points as controversy marred his main rival Sean Gallagher’s campaign.

Higgins has said that his term in office would be about inclusion, ideas and transformation.

He said, "I feel a little overwhelmed. I'm very, very happy. It is something I prepared for, something I thought about for a long while. I hope it will be a presidency that will enable everybody to be part of and proud of."

He will be inaugurated on Armistice Day, November 11 - the day after current President Mary McAleese leaves office  -- and Martin Sheen, the Hollywood president may be at his side.