George Zimmerman, accused for shooting Trayvon Martin, will remain behind bars after a three-hour bond hearing.

This is the accused second bond healing. His previous bond for $150,000 was revoke when Judge Kenneth Lester ruled that Zimmerman and his wife, Shellie, had misled the court when explaining their personal finances.

During the three-hour hearing on Friday, attorneys on both sides argued the details of the case and Zimmerman’s credibility.

Mark O’Mara, his defense lawyer, argued that Zimmerman had misled the court because he was confused and distrusted the justice system. He called several witnesses including Zimmerman’s probation officer and his father, Robert.

The lawyer said Zimmerman should have stopped his wife lying to the court on 20th April, when she said the couple did not have any money. Zimmerman had collected donations online from supporters but omitted to even tell his defense team, at the time. They had access to at least $135,000.

According to USA Today reports, O’Mara said “I'm asking that you don't require him to spend a year in jail."

He continued "He should have jumped up and said she is lying. He should have done something, and he didn't."

On Friday assistant state prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda asked Judge Lester to keep Zimmerman in jail.

He said “They told the court they were indigent when in fact they had over $130,000.

“Now, you don't just have him committing a crime. You have him lying to the court through his wife."

Zimmerman, the self appointed neighborhood watch volunteer, is charged with shooting the unarmed 17-year-old, Trayvon Martin, on 26th February in a gated community in Florida. The teen’s family believe Zimmerman racially profiled the black teen and confronted him.

According to tweets released by his defense team, it is unlikely that Zimmerman will have a result from the hearing until next week, or later.

Here’s the MSNBC report on the hearing:

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Accused George Zimmerman - mugshot taken on 3rd JuneGoogle Images