The family of the Fermanagh GAA player who ended up in a coma after an attack during a Gaelic football game, have spoke about their disappointment that no one has come forward as a witness to the brutal attack.

Mark McGovern (22) was struck by a rival player during a match in San Francisco on June 25.  As a result of the assault he suffered a severe head injury and ended up in a coma. He only regained consciousness at the beginning of August.

The attack prompted an investigation by both the San Francisco GAA and San Francisco police department; however the police investigation has failed to find a witness. The McGovern family traveled to San Francisco when the incident occurred and have expressed their regret that no witnesses have come forward.

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Speaking to the Irish Independent, Mark McGovern’s sister Grace said someone has to have seen what happened: "We have no feelings anymore for that side of things but obviously we are not happy that someone couldn't come forward because we know someone definitely saw it," she said.

"I'm sad for these people -- that someone was so badly hurt and they couldn't come forward," she added.

His sister said his recuperation at the Laguna Honda Rehabilitation Centre is going well.

"He is flying in comparison to what he was. He is walking by himself and talking although his voice is like someone with a sore throat," said Grace,

"He is fully aware of what happened and that he was in a coma. At the start he asked one of his friends (what happened) and he just said it was a tackle but he is now being more inquisitive and he knows it was an attack."

Seven weeks after the accident, his health-care bill so far is in excess of $1 million. The Irish community in San Francisco have already begun fundraising efforts.

Patrick Power released without charge, McGovern remains in hosptial with serious brain injuryGoogle Images