Marian Price, former IRA hunger strikers and Old Bailey Bomber, has been charged in connection to the murder of two British soldiers, Patrick Azimkar and Mark Quinsey, at the Massereene barracks, County Antrim in 2009. She is charged with providing property, for the purposes of terrorism, to the gang who carried out the killings.

The two young soldiers were shot outside the barracks as they made their routine, weekly, trip to pick up pizza for their colleagues. They were shot just hours before they left Northern Ireland to serve in Afghanistan. They were already wearing their desert fatigues.

Price allegedly gave the gang a cell phone. The 57-year-old is currently in custody. She was expected in court, in Belfast, on Friday. However this has been delayed as her defense team wish to cross examine three witnesses, including two senior detectives. A hearing is expected next month.



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Her lawyer, Peter Corrigan, said Price was questioned 18 months ago with relation to the two soldiers murders. He added that the will mount a bid to have the case against her thrown out due to an abuse of the process, according to Guardian reports.

Corrigan said "The defendant was originally questioned in relation to these matters in November 2009. That's 18 months ago."

"No new evidence has been adduced since that date…Why has it taken 18 months to make a decision to charge Marian McGlinchey with these offences?"

District Judge Fiona Bagnall ordered that a hearing be held on August 5. Price is expected to appear via video-link.

Also know as Marian McGlinchy, Price was jailed in 1973, along with her sister Dolours and, current, Sinn Fein minister Gerry Kelly for their part in the IRA bombing of the Old Bailey. The Price sisters went on hunger strike, wishing to be transferred to an Irish prison. They were force fed.

Price's early release license was revoked because she appeared beside a masked member of the Real IRA at a commemoration in Derry this Easter.

Two men, including republican Colin Duffy, will stand trial for the soldier's murders later this year. 

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