A Bulgarian designer is the man behind a controversial new series of European maps which are labeled according to the countries stereotypes.

Yanko Tsvetkov who lives in London has created 8 maps of Europe in which countries and regions are labeled by inhabitant’s stereotypes. Since publishing the maps on his blog they have become an Internet sensation.

In his map titled Europe according to USA, Russia is labeled “Commies”, Eastern Europe reads “Dirty Porn” and Ireland is labeled “St. Patrick”. In his map Europe according to gay men, Ireland is labeled as ‘In Denial”.

The graphic designer said: "I created the first one in 2009 because at that time there was an energy crisis in Europe. I just created it to amuse my friends but when I put it up on my website so many people liked it that I decided to really focus on the project of mapping the stereotypes based on different places in Europe. I was surprised by the reaction because I never really expected it to take off like this."

Since publishing the maps on his website, Tsvetkov’s has been inundated with around half a billion visitors who have logged on to check out his Mapping Stereotypes series.