A Massachusetts man who criticized the handling of the Phoebe Prince case by education authorities has won a federal lawsuit against the school.

An attorney for Luke Gelinas has announced details of the $75,000 settlement reached.

Gelinas, from South Hadley, had claimed his free speech rights were violated when he was removed from a public meeting after he criticized school officials’ handling of the tragic Prince case.

The 15-year-old Irish girl committed suicide after allegedly being bullied by other high school students.

The Associated Press reports that Gelinas sued in 2010, saying he was improperly ejected from a South Hadley school committee meeting when he criticized officials for the death of Irish immigrant Phoebe Prince, which gained international attention.

His lawsuit named Edward Boisselle, the then school committee chairman, and two police officers.
In a statement issued on Monday, Gelinas said: “My lawsuit was about social justice, which has been served.”

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