The man who attacked Irishman David Keohane in 2008 was given 14 years behind bars this week by a judge in Sydney.

Keohane, 29, said the sentence was a” good result."

Police are still looking for the second man involved in the brutal bashing.

Keohane, a flooring contractor, was on his way home for a night out after picking up a pizza when Thomas Isaako - drunk and drugged up - and a second man beat Keohane to near death. Keohane, from Ballvolane in County Cork, was attacked Aug. 6, 2008 in the backpackers' haven of Coogee.

He suffered serious injuries and was left for dead after the assault in Sydney.

Keohane stayed in Sydney until he was flown home to Ireland in September when his condition was said to have stabilized.

However, he remained in a coma until St Patrick's Day 2009 when he opened his eyes for the first time.

The attack, which outraged Australia, sent shock waves round the close-knit Irish community in Sydney.

Keohane's attackers left him to die at the side of the road and his injuries were so horrific that police were initially unable to identify him.

Keohane was so badly injured that he had to undergo facial reconstruction surgery.

Isaako, who was acquitted in March of Keohane's attempted murder, pleaded guilty to robbery in company and inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Keohane and his family watched Wednesday's sentencing by video link from Ireland, but declined to comment to media on the outcome.