A new survey by Lastminute.com has ranked some of the oddest and most common things travelers leave behind at hotels.

Sure, we’ve all left a piece of clothing, a toothbrush, maybe a phone charger behind during a holiday - but what about hefty amounts of money, animals, or family members?

For instance, a man in Dublin left his elderly mother behind at a hotel. A Dublin manager had to phone a guest to remind him he’d left his mother behind as he sat in the airport waiting for his flight home. Mistake or not? You decide.

The top five most “remarkable” things left behind in hotels were money, family members, and friends, animals, weapons and jewelry.

In New York, one guest left $20,000 in his hotel room. Spots all around the world reported people leaving behind children, spouses, family members and friends after checking out.

A hotel in Washington was shocked to find one guest had left a snake in his room, only to be discovered later by a maid. A policeman in left his gun and badge in his bedside locker while in Las Vegas. After proposing to his fiancee, a man in Milan left behind one very important thing - the diamond engagement ring.

Other unusual items that made it onto the list include false teeth, an artificial leg, a wig and blow-up doll as well as many other adult toys.

So the next time you arrive into a hotel room be sure to check for any unusual items the cleaning staff may have missed and, on leaving, don’t just forget your toothbrush. Or mother.

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