One Irishman has had enough and has decided he can't take it anymore – when it comes to controversial chairman of Anglo Irish Bank Seán FitzPatrick’s repossessed BMW.

Fitzpatrick has become the poster boy for the downfall of the Celtic tiger after his Anglo Irish Bank collapsed and had to be bailed out by the Irish taxpayer at a cost of $50 billion.

National Recycling Ltd, a Dublin –based country, has been running a campaign for over a week to find a person to push the scrap button on the 3 series 1992 BMW they repo’ed recently. The winning bid was for $5,500.

Since launching the campaign, the company has been inundated with requests to be the lucky one to destroy the car that ferried the disgraced banker around while he did his allegedly dodgy deals.

The car which is not in a state of disrepair, was recently valued at just under $1,700.

"The amount of people who have contacted us over this has been phenomenal, it really is unbelievable,” sales manager of National Recycling Conor Hand told the Irish Examiner.

"The auction will be closing on Monday afternoon but, as there’s been offers all through the week, we’re expecting more bids before then," he said.

The car was repossessed in front on a large crowd of people on January 14, who took solace from the former banker’s financial woes.