SEE PHOTO GALLERY- Craogh Patrick 365 Climb

An Irish man is attempting to climb Croagh Patrick in Co. Mayo for 365 consecutive days in a bid to raise money for those living in poverty.

Matt Loughrey decided to raise funds for St. Vincent de Paul, an Irish charity dedicated to helping those living in poverty in Ireland.

Despite Ireland’s recent arctic temperatures, Matt, who works as a tour guide on Croagh Patrick, has maintained his daily summit of the mountain.

After yesterday’s climb he posted this update on the events Facebook page:

“Nearly all thawed out up there. Early up early down. Didn't quite escape the strong winds forecast, they hit half way along the ridge. A few cars in the car park and a few on the trail. Met a woman from Sligo climbing with her brother, that's her picture. Promised I'd put it up on the page.”

The idea came to the 32-year-old last May in Campbell’s pub which is situated at the foot of the mountain.

“A few years ago I took a job as a tour guide on Croagh Patrick and that summer I did around 40 ascents. I was struck then by the special energy of the place and by the fact that everyone you met had a genuine reason for climbing the mountain. Then after the economic collapse I was thinking about how vulnerable people were and how even people who had been wealthy were struggling…One night, with a few pints consumed in Campbell’s pub, the idea to do this struck me,” he told the Irish Times.

Since June 5th he has climbed Croagh Patrick every day and has been accompanied by hill-walkers from all around the world.

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SEE PHOTO GALLERY- Craogh Patrick 365 Climb