A Pakistani man arrested at a restaurant in Ballycastle is being deported from Northern Ireland.

The 54-year old was detained on friday by the Border Agency who picked him up from the King Kebab takeout restaurant on Caslte Street.

He was arrested for working at the establishment in breach of his visa conditions and is being held until his deportation date.

Mike Golden, assistant director of the UK Border Agency in Northern Ireland, said on Breakingnews.ie, “This is the latest in a series of operations we’ve carried out to tackle immigration crime in Northern Ireland, and more are planned. Illegal working has a serious impact on communities, taking jobs from those who are genuinely allowed to work. Businesses which operate outside the law should be warned that they will be found and they will be punished.”

It also reports that the King Kebab could be facing a £10,000 ($16,300) fine if it fails to prove staff were checked before being employed at the takeaway.


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