Daughter of an Irish-French couple, Nora Quoirin has been missing in Malaysia for four days. 

A local Malaysian tribe has joined the search for 15-year-old Nora Quoirin, who has been missing for four days. The teenager, who has special needs, was reported missing by her parents on Sunday morning, sparking a massive hunt in the surrounding Malaysian jungle. 

Quoirin is the daughter of a French-Irish couple and arrived on Malaysia on an Irish passport last Saturday for the "trip of a lifetime." Her French father Seb noticed that Nora was not in the room she was sharing with her two younger siblings around 8 am on Sunday morning. Her mother Meabh is a native of Belfast but the couple has lived in London for the past 20 years.  

With the vulnerable teen's family insisting she must have been abducted, police in Malaysia have extended the search with the aid of the Orang Asli people, who have a great knowledge of the dense terrain. 

Nora Quoirin.

Nora Quoirin.

The search of over 160 people has now been extended to beyond a seven-mile radius around the resort near Seremban, around an hour south of the capital Kuala Lumpur. 

Police revealed sniffer dogs lost Nora’s scent 100 meters from her room in the exclusive Dusun rainforest resort, stating that there is "no evidence" of her being taken. 

The police chief said: "She may be lost. We will keep looking for her,"

“Our daughter has been missing for three days. We believe she may have been abducted. We need your support," Nora's father wrote on Facebook, however. 

Her family in the UK also commented: “Nora is not like other 15-year-olds. She looks younger, she is not capable of taking care of herself. She never goes anywhere by herself.”

H/T: Daily Mail