A survey conducted by the Student Marketing Network found that two-thirds of students polled in Ireland plan to emigrate once they complete their education. The primary reason for emigration is due to better job forecasts in other countries.

The Irish Times reports that the Student Marketing Network conducted their survey through oxygen.ie, and ended up retrieving results from 1200 students across the country. Of the 1200, a staggering 91percent are worried about their futures in Ireland. Another vast majority view emigration as being very likely in their future.

37 percent of those polled said that they would emigrate immediately after graduation, while 39 percent said that they would do so only after they had “exhausted the possibility of finding a job in Ireland first.”

The remaining 24 percent fraction do not plan on sticking around for long either, stating that they plan to emigrate in “the next few years.”
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28 percent of the students pointed to Australia as their destination of choice for emigration, with the US at 20 percent. Other areas for emigration included Canada, the United Kingdom, and continental Europe.

At 52 percent, more than half of those polled plan on staying abroad for “the forseeable future.”

A whopping majority of 92 percent of the 1200 criticized the Coalition for not doing enough to prevent emigration for young people from Ireland. Further, 82 percent said that free fees “were a myth” and that 86 percent did not support the reintroduction of full fees.

Colman Byrne, managing director of Student Marketing Network and oxygen.ie, who also served two terms as president of the Union of Students Ireland, expressed his concern regarding the statistics gathered from the latest student poll.

“Our best and brightest are planning to leave our shores and the survey results show that the Government’s actions are exacerbating an already terrible situation. How are we supposed to build an economic recovery without our graduates?” Byrne said.