Bishop Robert McManus from Massachusetts, the leader of the Worcester Roman Catholic diocese, in Rhode Island, has had his driving license revoked for six months and his drunk driving charge dismissed.

The 61-year-old Bishop was arrested at his vacation home in Narragansett, RI, on May 4. It was alleged that McManus hit the car of John Smith, a police dispatcher on his way to work. Smith then followed the Bishop from Boston Neck Road to his home and called the police.

In court this week McManus received a $900 dollar fine and his license suspension as punishment for refusing a breath-test at the scene. His lawyer, the former Rhode Island House Speaker, William Murphy, said the court’s decision to drop his driving under the influence charges was usual in the case of a first time offense.

Last week the Bishop pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

However Narragansett Police Officer Kevin L. O’Connor who was on the scene on May 4 said, “I could detect a moderate odor of alcohol emanating from his mouth as he spoke. McManus’s face was red and his eyes were severely bloodshot.

“I asked McManus what had taken place, McManus started speaking and slurring his words to the point it was difficult to understand.’’

The bishop was then arrested after he failed three field sobriety tests.

Smith, whose car was hit, has sustained moderate injuries and as yet has not returned to work.

McManus will return to court on May 28.

Here’s the local news NBC 10 report on the hearing

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