A bizarre ad was posted on the Irish classifieds website DoneDeal offering to sell a “Money Bush” which produces currency.

In the strange post, the author claims that his father drove over a leprechaun (a mythical Irish folklore creature) in 1968 and buried its corpse. The family planted this rose bush at the grave and hey presto, you have a “Money Bush."

The Cavan poster asks for just $130,000 (€100,000) for this amazing cash spewing shrub.

Here’s the full post from DoneDeal:

“Seven years to the day after the leprechaun was buried a crisp green one pound note appeared on the bush. My father put it in the poor box on Sunday and said nothing of it. The next year and for all the subsequent years, the bush flowered with more and more notes, changing to the Euro with the rest of the country.

“My poor father died last year and, because he always gave the money from the Money Bush to charity, he had nothing to leave us. Now we are in trouble with the old mortgage and need to raise a bit of cash. We don’t want to take the money for ourselves, as our father warned us with his dying breath that we would be cursed if we did, so we are putting it up for sale. We’re fairly sure if you had nothing to do with the death of the leprechaun, you’ll be alright.

Must be collected.”

What do you think? Will someone be stupid enough to cough up for this?

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