Ulster Loyalists have abandoned plans to bring their flag protest to Dublin on Saturday – because their march clashes with a rugby match and a rock concert.

The Irish Sun reports that organiser Willie Frazer is now trying to move the controversial protest to Monday after talks with Irish police.

Frazer has even praised the Dublin police and claimed they have more ‘common sense’ than their Northern counterparts.

He made the comments after scrapping plans to march on Dublin because his protest clashed with a Leinster rugby match at the RDS and a gig by baby faced singer Ed Sheeran at the O2.
Police had told Frazer of their concerns at manning levels due to the clash.

The loyalist leader later said he accepted their proposals but would try to find an alternative date for the protest, possibly as early as Monday.

As trouble continued in Belfast, Frazer even claimed: “From my talks with the police in Dublin I can see that they have more common sense than our own force in Northern Ireland.

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“We still plan on raising our concerns with Enda Kenny and we could still visit Dublin next Monday.”

Frazer had previously claimed that he would bring three bus-loads of protesters to the Irish parliament to demand the removal of the Tricolour.

The Dublin flag protest was planned after weeks of rioting in the North over the decision to limit the flying of the Union Flag at City Hall in Belfast.

Last week Frazer said: “We are continually told that things have moved on and we are living in a shared space. If we’ve to take our flag down then take your flag down in Dublin.”

Dissident Republicans have threatened to disrupt any loyalist protest in Dublin planned by Frazer who previously organised the disastrous Love Ulster rally in Dublin in 2006.

A Continuity IRA spokesman said: “Loyalists need to think twice about marching in this city. We won’t tolerate it.”

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