"To urge and request the Government of the United States of America to immediately take all appropriate steps to assist in the unification of Ireland."

These are the opening words of a Concurrent Resolution passed by the Louisiana State Legislature on May 16th this year, which was introduced by State Representative Steve Pugh from Ponchatoula, Louisiana. An earlier resolution was passed by the State Senate on April 17th, authored by State Senator Edwin Murray from New Orleans. The resolutions note that, "the time has come to bring about a seamless resolution of the partition of Ireland in favour of a more united, sovereign nation that guarantees equal rights and equal opportunities for all its citizens."

Louisiana becomes the eighth State to pass such a resolution in support of Irish Unity in the full Legislature or at State Senate level.

Earlier this year Resolutions were passed by the Pennsylvania State Senate and the Florida State Senate, which are now going to the full legislature in both States. A resolution was also passed in March by Baltimore City Council which the proposers are working to get introduced at Maryland State level.
Fifteen cities in the United States have so far passed resolutions supporting Irish Unity as well as a number of Municipalities and Counties.
In Massachusetts, in addition to the full state legislature, six cities have passed resolutions. In New York, the State Senate and the State capital, Albany, have successfully introduced resolutions as well as Buffalo, while a proclamation was issued by Syracuse. California and Rhode Island State Senates have also passed resolutions.
The full legislature of New Jersey was one of the first States to endorse unity as the best future for Ireland as well as towns and municipalities.
The work of the main Irish American organisations, particularly the Hibernians and the Irish American Unity Conference, is evident in the steady spread of resolutions across America.

The interest in and support for a new Ireland, for the vision of an Ireland that can truly embrace all her citizens in peace, justice and equality is evident in these resolutions.

The resolutions passed from Massachusetts to Louisiana, from Pennsylvania to California, quote the Good Friday Agreement that they helped to achieve in pointing to a new future on the island of Ireland.