Is Lou Dobbs now for legalizing the undocumented? That definitely seems to be the case after his appearance on Bill O'Reilly's radio show yesterday.

O'Reilly got straight to the point about the new immigration bill currently before the Congress introduced by Congressman Luis Gutierrez. It is a pro-undocumented bill that calls for all those here illegally to have a path to legal citizenship.

The old Lou Dobbs would have hit it out of the park, dismissed it angrily and launched a campaign against it.

Not the new Lou Dobbs.

He told O'Reilly he "did not want to deport" the undocumented, but agreed they should become citizens.


He referred to an amendment with such language introduced by Senator Jim Webb of Virginia to the old Kennedy/McCain bill which foundered and Dobbs stated that the essence of  the situation was that illegals should "pay a fine, learn English" and commit to becoming good American citizens.


Maybe it's Bill O'Reilly or maybe the old Lou Dobbs is disappearing but folks this guy is now talking a different language.

Good for him.

Fox hunt: Lou Dobbs set to appear on Bill O'Reilly's show