A set of false teeth was found in a flowerpot at the busy Dick Mack’s pub, in Dingle, County Kerry. 

The teeth, now displayed in the front window of the popular tourist pub, have baffled the pub staff who say it’s the most unusual find for their lost property so far. 

Finn MacDonnell, the manager of Dick Mack’s, nephew of the owner Oliver MacDonnell, washed the falsies before dropping them into a Guinness pint glass, in the window. 

He told the Irish Independent “We are hoping to find out the owner and take a picture of them being reunited.

“They are the most unusual find - definitely, by a long shot.”

The sign displayed with the teeth reads “Found owner please apply within”.

Now passersby are calling to hear the tale of the teeth. 

Dick Mack’s also tweeted about their rare find. They posted “These not so pearly whites found in Dick Mack's Courtyard on Sunday night. It's a first!”

Finn said “We genuinely found them cleaning up the yard. They were on top of the flower pot. They were lying in there. We gave them a wash and put them in the window.

“We clean the flower pots every night so they were only in there on Sunday night. We were having a laugh about it after that night. How could you leave them behind?”

Finn said he immediately checked with the pub’s owner to see if his uncle had left them there. 

He said “We immediately checked with Oliver but it wasn’t him,” he said.

Finn’s worry is that they could belong to a tourist as the pub’s been packed during Ireland’s heatwave. He said “With the fine weather we’ve had more Irish people on holiday, followed by American, German and English tourists.”