Suffolk County police have announced that they now suspect that there were multiple killers dumping the remains of their victims along the isolated Long Island coast.

Speaking at a press conference alongside Irish-born Police Commissioner, Richard Dormer, Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said "What is now very clear is that the area in and around Gilgo Beach has been used to discard human remains for some period of time… As distasteful and disturbing as that is, there is no evidence that all of these remains are the work of a single killer."

Since last December police have discovered the remains of ten victims. Two of them appear to be unconnected to the other eight.

The latest victim to be identified is Jessica Taylor, 20. Police discovered her head and hands off Ocean Parkway. Taylor had been working as a prostitute in New York and Washington, D.C. when she disappeared. Her decapitated torso had been discovered in 2003. The remains to a match to one of the two skeletons found eight years ago.

Spota said "It is very clear that whoever killed and dismembered Ms. Taylor ... was very intent on preventing her identity from being discovered - even going to great lengths to remove a tattoo from her body."

Official also revealed that one of the others bodies has been identified as an Asian male in his early 20s. His death has been classified as violent however it was entirely different than other victims found so far.

Although the cause of death has not been confirmed officials have confirmed that the body of a female toddler was also found.



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The first four bodies found were those of four escorts who advertised their services on the classifieds website Craigslist. Police seems sure that these women, all found wrapped in burlap, were murdered by the same person. However they believe that the bodies could be the work of up to three murderers.

Investigators search the Ocean Parkway where the bodies of some of the victims were found