The Long Island pharmacy massacre gunman David Laffer was sentences to life in prison with no parole for murdering four people while attempting to steal painkillers. His wife, Melinda Brady, the getaway car driver, will be jailed for 25 years.

Having read the sentence for the gunman who shot four innocent bystanders, the judge told Laffer he should be locked up in solitary confinement with no privileges.

Brady was given the maximum penalty for robbery, 25 years. The couple had become addicted to Brady’s pain medication and were desperately attempting to rob Haven Drugs, in Medford when Laffer shot the two store workers and two customers.

As the New York Daily News put it, the couple “showed no mercy — and got none."

The friends and relatives of the massacre victims were also present and shouted at the pair as they were sentenced.


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Mary Moran, grandmother of victim Jaime Taccetta (33), a mother of two, shouted “You are the devil’s boy” at Laffer. She called the due “diseased rats” and said they deserved a more severe punishment.

“May you both burn in hell,” the grandmother said.

Laura Bustamonte, the daughter of another slain customer, Byron Sheffield (71), said the family was still reeling from the massive loss.

Bustamonte said: “Our dad lived a good life and did not deserve to die on Father’s Day ... And certainly not in such a senseless manner.”

When asked what she wanted to tell the killer she said: “I have nothing to say to him ... He’s not worth it.”

A statement from Laffer was read in court. He said he could not express remorse as it would be an insult to the families of the victims.

The statement said: “To ask forgiveness of them would be a selfish act. I truly believe my crime is one that cannot and should not be forgiven…To stand here and offer a mea culpa would be a disgrace to the victims' memories and I will not do that.”

He also suggested that his crime could possibly bring some good to the world by addressing the massive problem of addiction with regards to prescription drugs.