Irish American Congressman Peter King has told of his shock at seeing former Long island resident and constituent Samir Khan get blown away in Yemen as part of an Al Qaeda leadership group.

“I’ve seen the video. I saw him get in the vehicle with al-Awlaki. Yes, surveillance video. You don’t associate with the number one terrorist in the world unless you’re a terrorist yourself, and he is by his own statements,” Rep. King said.

“Obviously, the U.S. was his Satan. He was obviously very radical,” King told WCBS 880 reporter Sophia Hall.

“By the time he got out of high school, that was after September 11th. The magazine he put out every month was monitored very, very carefully by the FBI and the CIA and was considered extremely dangerous and extremely threatening to the United States.”



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“A young man who had all the benefits of suburban life, but yet, whatever happened to him to radicalize him, he was a terrorist living in our midst.”

“The parents tried everything to steer him in the right direction, counseling. Unfortunately, this man was on the wrong path,” said Habeeb Ahmed of the Islamic Center of Long Island.

“He chose to turn his back on his country. He chose a violent approach and I think he deserved what he got,” Westbury resident Gene Semelrath told WCBS.