London’s Olympic venues are being tested against all potential terrorist threats, including Irish dissidents and Islamists, security in charge if the 2012 event have revealed.

Next summer’s games will mark Britain’s biggest peacetime security operation and will be policed at a severe threat level, with a Government budget of £600million ($960 million) for the security operation.

Sports enthusiasts will face airport style security before gaining admittance to the venue.

“I am trying to ensure that we produce 34 venues that are secure, that people can go in and have a really good time, that people can feel safe inside and their focus can be on the sport,” Chris

Allison, the Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner and Olympic security coordinator told the Daily Mail.

“That is at the heart of all our planning, and we'll do everything that we need around the outside to ensure that happens,” he added.

The London Games will coincide with the 40th anniversary  of the Munich Olympics where 11 Israeli teams members died after they were held hostage by Palestinian gunmen.


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