An Irish banker is suing his former employer, a Dutch Bank in London, over alleged racist and homophobic jibes from his colleagues.

The Irish Sun
reports Paul Roche was working at Dutch-owned bank ABN AMRO in London when the bullying took place. The former employee claims his co-workers regularly insulted him about his Irish ancestry before he resigned.

Originally from Southend-on-Sea in England, Roche is claiming he was discriminated against on the grounds of ‘perceived’ sexual orientation, race and unfair dismissal.

The panel at the EAT heard that his co-workers allegedly called Irish people stupid, spoke about car bombers and said that Irish people kept pigs under their bed, reports METRO.

The married father of two says he was forced to leave after he experienced racist abuse over his Irish ancestry and sexuality.

The former banker claims he was branded “the only homo in the office” and was advised to keep his moustache because he was gay.  He also claims he received emails telling him to “p*** off pikey”.

ABN AMRO’s attorney Laura McNair-Wilson claims there was a culture of ‘homophobic banter’ in the company’s London office which Roche was allegedly involved in through emails.

McNair-Wilson said, “at no stage did the claimant raise a claim of direct discrimination while he worked there”.

Judgment on the case was adjourned for a later date.

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