A two-bedroom terraced house next door to one of Ireland’s most notorious criminals is on the market for €20,000 ($28,000).

The boarded up home has been on the market for the past year but has failed to sell. The house is located right in the center of the McCarthy-Dundon gang's occupancy of south side Limerick; two of Ireland’s most feared criminal gangs.

The Irish Independent reports that the property was offered to local authorities in Limerick City Council at a price well below the asking price but declined to purchase the house.

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The property was first put on the market last year priced at €45,000 ($62,346).

The small home is located in Lenihan Prospect Limerick, right next door to Wayne Dundon. With the windows boarded up, the property requires substantial renovation.

The current average house price in Ireland is €196,000 ($278,000), according to the Irish Independent.

Live next door to one of Ireland’s best known criminals for just $28,000Irish Independent