Read more: Cork girl walks again after miracle New York treatment

For an Irish family it was the happiest Easter in years. That's because little Megan Malone, who was much too ill to eat anything six months ago, has been cured of her cancer thanks to expert cancer care in the US.

John and Sheila Malone, the toddler's delighted parents, are thrilled to witness their daughter's renewed appetite which returned just in time to scoff a chocolate easter egg this weekend.

After an MRI scan two weeks ago the couple were told the joyful news that their  three-year-old daughter was free of the brain tumour that had threatened her life for weeks.

But they still remain concerned for Megan's health as she begins the last intensive phase of her chemotherapy, a grueling process that can really make the patient feel unwell.

"Megan received a three-hour blood transfusion and more of other drugs that help prevent her mouth breaking down as a result of the coming chemo," Megan's mother told the Herald.

"She was given Easter eggs by the staff and really enjoyed them. She might as well because everything will taste metallic from chemo."

Megan will still have to undergo 27 hours of chemotherapy over the next week, and then a stem cell transplant after a two-day rest.

While the family had hoped to be back in County Cork in time for Megan to start school for the first time, it looks like she will be unable to attend until next year.

Medical experts at New York's Presbyterian Hospital where Megan receives treatment say she may leave the hospital as early as this summer.

Read more: Cork girl walks again after miracle New York treatment