IrishCentral has launched a news podcast bringing the top Irish American news and news from Ireland to our readers and listeners. Our podcast is a bite-sized capsule giving you the need to know news of the day from IrishCentral in just a few minutes, five days a week.

Our daily podcast goes live every morning and is available on our site (on the homepage), on Stitcher or via Podbean. Using the Stitcher app, you can hear our top headlines using your iPod, iPad, Android device, or even your PC. You can also check our Podbean page every morning to hear the latest offering from the IrishCentral Frontpage Podcast.

The podcast covers a wide variety of Irish American news and news from Ireland that generations of American Irish love. You will get snippets of news; sports news from Ireland; entertainment news featuring all your favorite Irish stars; politics news; Irish food and drink; and of course, Irish culture and heritage, all from the front page of IrishCentral, five days a week.

Established in New York in 2009, IrishCentral is the largest Irish American media website. The site covers all Irish news topics, as well as entertainment news, sports news, politics, and much more. We also have all the information you need if you’re interested in learning more about your Irish culture and ancestry. Everyone has a little bit of Irish in them, after all!

Listen in below and keep on top of the latest Irish news with IrishCentral.