A 65-year-old man from Lisburn, County Antrim, has crossed the Irish Sea in a bathtub outfitted with a motor.

Mervyn Kinkead travelled 19 nautical miles from Donaghadee in County Down to Portpatrick in Scotland, in about eight hours.

"It all began as a bit of a joke," he told the BBC. "Then someone said about doing it for charity so I thought I had better do it.

"I am glad it is all over. I would do it again - well, I would consider doing it again!"

He only had one technical hitch along the way. About three hours in his boat started to take on water but the situation was soon righted.

When he arrived in Scotland a crowd had gathered to witness his arrival. He admitted that he felt like a bit of a celebrity. Although a little damp he became the first person to travel across the Irish Sea in such a manner.