The little girl who touched the hearts of the Irish nation and Elton John with her brave cancer fight is owed almost $50,000 by struggling record shop chain HMV.

Four-year-old Lily-Mae Morrison is currently receiving treatment for a rare cancer of the nervous system.

A number of Irish musicians hit number one in the charts at Christmas time when they recorded ‘Tiny Dance’ with the full backing of songwriter and rock legend Elton John.

The single, with Paddy Casey and Mundy among the artists, sold almost $50,000 worth of CDs in HMV’s Irish shops but the money may never be paid.

A receiver has been appointed to the Irish arm of the world famous retailer with up to 300 jobs under threat.

And HMV have refused to confirm that the Lily-Mae fund and the Neuroblastoma Society will be paid.

Worried mum Judith Sibley has told the Irish Sun newspaper that the situation is ‘unbelievable.’

She said: “It’s too unbelievable to get my head around. So much money came from such good will. It has to be sorted out. People will be so upset.”

A spokesman for HMV told the paper that he could not confirm if the money would be paid.
He stated: “I cannot comment on that as we are in the process of administration, but we make every effort to commit to charities.”

The paper reports that the Sunni Mae Trust invoiced HMV for the money raised earlier this month but the company’s difficulties now means it could get nothing.

The spokesman for the music store said: “It was agreed with the makers of the record that payment would be made at the end of March.

“It is unreasonable to expect invoices to be paid that quickly for any business.”

Lily Mae’s uncle Paul Hayes fumed: “My goal here is to save a life of a child... that term (ordinary unsecured creditor) does not sit easily with me.”

All 16 of the music store’s outlets across Ireland are shut for the time being with workers staging a sit-in at the Limerick outlet.

Receiver David Carson said: “All efforts will be made to secure a purchaser for the stores.”

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