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IrishCentral has learned that Susan Boyle won't let her Irish fans down, and will be performing tonight at the O2 Arena in Dublin.

A source said Boyle was enjoying a pre-show dinner with the rest of the "Britain's Got Talent" cast, and would soon board a special bus to ferry them to the Docklands arena.

Previously, organizers David Ian Productions said the popular star of BGT was making her decisions on a "day-to-day" basis.

The troubled singer has missed several dates on the tour which showcases all 10 of the finalists.

Boyle, whose parents came from Donegal, shot to fame after her breathtaking audition on the show back in April. She dedicated her success on the show to her late mother Bridget who died in 2007.

Boyle is clearly the main attraction of the show for Irish fans, who have been lighting candles in churches in Dublin for her.

In Donegal, Nancy Sheeran, 54, said she would boycott the concert if Boyle did not appear.

"The only reason I bought a ticket was to see Susan," she said.

"She has become such an inspiration for lonely women."

"She's come out of absolutely nowhere and blown everyone else off the stage.

"The organizers should make sure she is well enough to perform but if she's not singing, I'm not going.

"I've no interest in seeing a bunch of teenagers with their whole lives ahead of them.

"I want to see this woman who was written off by everyone and then stunned the world."

Boyle became an international household name after her stunning audition on the "Britain's Got Talent" show.

Her clips on YouTube have been watched more than 100 million times and the star now has her own channel.