The lavish lifestyle of  Peter Robinson and his wife Iris is under scrutiny after it was revealed that they have over $1 million dollars in income from their political jobs alone. They also use their massive political allowances to employ their two sons, daughter and daughter-in-law as aides.

The Robinsons also own a house in Florida, an exclusive apartment in the London Docklands area, and a large mansion in East Belfast.

Newspaper reports stated that the Robinsons received over $500,000 in allowances for their London residence alone.

Not only that, they are building an even bigger mansion in the hills east of Belfast which will overlook the Castlereagh constituency they both represent.

The wealth of the family has led to claims locally that they are the 'Swish' family Robinson (Swish being a local term for high and mighty).

The Robinson's wealth has been a source of much speculation for a very long time. Robinson himself was formerly a real estate salesman before going into politics. He has a son, Gareth, who is now a local council member in East Belfast and the heir apparent.