A father of two has made an emotional plea to both local and federal Government to deliver aid, eight months after Hurricane Sandy destroyed his family home in Breezy Point, Queens.

Around 120 Breezy Point homes were burned to the ground during Hurricane Sandy when the storm battered the East Coast on October 29 last. All that is left of Kieran Burke’s home at 8 Irving Walk is an empty lot.

“Everything I own, everything my wife and I worked towards and everything that belonged to our family was incinerated,” Burke explains during an emotional video entitled ‘What’s left of my house’.

“Our homes were here at 12 o’clock in the afternoon on October 29th 2012, it is now the 23rd of June 2013 we are closer to a year of being homeless than we are to the date of that storm and it is absolutely unacceptable.”

“We need action, we need dunes, we need support,” Burke pleads.

After the storm Burke, 41, a lifelong resident of Breezy Point, his wife Jennifer, 40, and sons, Kieran James, 2, and infant Matthew Patrick Burke, were left homeless

“It seems as if we’ve been forgotten about. It’s been eight months, I don’t know what to tell my child, I don’t know what to tell my wife about how we can get home.”

“We are still no closer than we were the day that this area was smoldering.”

“It’s unacceptable that all these people are homeless, that eight months have gone by and this is a ghost town and it’s unacceptable that we cannot get any concrete answers about floodplain maps, about dunes, about replenishment.”

Last month Burke revealed he was still receiving bills from the Long Island Power Authority, despite his home burning to the ground.

“We are paying mortgages on empty properties. We are paying rents in displacement homes.

“We are paying bills that we couldn’t have possibly planned for. We have insurance policies that cannot be acted on, because the government will not allow us to move forward.”

“It needs to stop now, please lend us your support, put yourself in our shoes. Understand that what happened to us could happen to anybody,”

Watch Kieran Burke’s video plea below:

what's left of my house... from Annie Watson on Vimeo.

Kieran Burke dug through what once was his Breezy Point home, looking for anything left behind.Courier / Alexa Altman