Ronan Sexton, Liam Neeson’s nephew, was to return to his mother’s home in Antrim before his tragic death last weekend.

A family friend revealed that Liam Neeson’s sister Bernadette had been planning to bring her son home to care for him in the months before his tragic death. Ronan Sexton, 35, never recovered from injuries sustained in an accident in June 2014 and passed away last weekend as his mother arranged to care for him in her own home.

Bernadette was believed to have been putting the finishing touches to her specially-modified house so that her youngest son could return home to remain close to his family. Sexton's devoted mother never received the chance, however, as Liam Neeson’s nephew lost his battle for life in the past week.

“He was in a nursing home as she was just finishing work on a new home with lifts and care facilities,” a family friend told the Daily Mail.

“It just adds to the tragedy really that she has been through, she had hoped to bring him home and take care of him.

“She's been through the mill but the community has been rallying round the family, our hearts go out to them.”

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Liam Neeson's nephew, Ronan Sexton. Image: Facebook.

Liam Neeson's nephew, Ronan Sexton. Image: Facebook.

The Irish actor, who travels back to Northern Ireland regularly to see his mother and three sisters, is said to be devastated by his nephew’s loss.

“The family is very private and they are very upset, as you can imagine, it's been devastating for them,” the family friend continued.

“His granny, Liam's mum Kitty, has taken it very hard. The whole family is shattered.”

Who was Ronan Sexton, Liam Neeson’s nephew?

Liam Neeson is mourning the loss of his nephew, Ronan Sexton. Image: RollingNews

Liam Neeson is mourning the loss of his nephew, Ronan Sexton. Image: RollingNews

Ronan Sexton was the 35-year-old son of Irish actor Liam Neeson’s sister Bernadette. The youngest of her six children, Bernadette had returned to their home place in Cushendall, County Antrim, Northern Ireland and was preparing to bring Sextonhome to live with her.

How did Liam Neeson’s nephew die?

Ronan Sexton, Liam Neeson's nephew. Image: Facebook.

Ronan Sexton, Liam Neeson's nephew. Image: Facebook.

Five years ago, in June 2014, Ronan Sexton fell some 20 ft from the top of a telephone kiosk at Brighton Pier. The tragic accident is believed to have been the result of a dare but the young man, unfortunately, never recovered and was unable to walk or talk after the fall.

He was initially staying in a care facility near Worthing, West Sussex, where his mother then lived before she moved back to Northern Ireland and began to prepare her home to care for him.

It is reported that Sexton died peacefully in his sleep surrounded by his family over the past weekend.

How old was Liam Neeson’s nephew?

Ronan Sexton was 35 years old when he passed away last weekend. On Wednesday, he was cremated in Belfast's Roselawn Cemetery after a humanist service.