The radio star accused of a ‘lewd act’ on an Aer Lingus flight will meet his bosses this week in a desperate attempt to get his job back.

DJ Neil Prendeville is to meet the Cork 96FM management team for the first time since he was accused of ‘pleasuring’ himself on a flight from Heathrow to Cork.

Police have decided not to prosecute Prendeville for the alleged offence and he will now make a plea to get his job back as host of the station’s mid-morning talk show.

“This will be the very first time Neil will meet his employers face to face since the whole embarrassing saga began,” a source told the Sunday Independent.

“Obviously, it will be a very tense discussion as they trash out whether or not he can be taken back on in the same capacity as before.

“Trust has been broken between Neil and his audience, but in particular, his colleagues. They have suffered a great deal since the whole affair began.”

Another source close to UTV, who own the Cork radio company, said: “The station wants him back on the same morning show but the biggest obstacle is how he will be as judgmental, as opinionated, as high-minded as before - which was his style and he was great at it - when he has this black mark on his character.

“He will have to convince his bosses that he can come back and do the same job again and still be taken seriously. He’ll have to have a strong case prepared. His future at the station is by no means secure as it stands.”

Prendeville was accused of a ‘lewd act’ in public view of two Aer Lingus air hostesses and a female passenger on a flight from London to Cork last October after a press junket to meet celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

Irish Examiner reporter Niamh Hennessy, who was seated next to Prendeville when the incident occurred, spoke of her upset at the police decision not to take legal action against the presenter.  

“I am horrified and dismayed that Mr Prendeville is not to be prosecuted for his appalling and totally unacceptable actions,” said Hennessy.

“His actions were vile. It begs the question should the police now hand the file over to the British authorities.”