Seamus Fortune who works as a leprechaun part-time is the winner of the Alabama/Mississippi  Powerball lottery prize of over $60 million dollars.

Fortune bought the ticket on his way home from a kid’s birthday party where he was performing. He stopped off for a pint at Murphy’s on Main Street Tuscaloosa, Alabama and bought a lottery ticket next door in the Kwik Sale convenience store.

“What a surprise," said the 4-foot-5-inch Irish native of Inch, County Kerry, who moved to Alabama exactly thirty years ago on April 1st.

“I wrote me mother’s date of birth and sure enough it came up, with a name like Fortune sure it was only a matter of time I suppose.”

Seamus says he will use the money for a retired home for leprechauns.

“It was a signal from the Almighty,” he said.

"We had a leprechaun convention two years ago in New Orleans and they came from all over, many are worn out, especially around St. Patrick’s Day. It is very hard being a little green man for the month of March.”

Seamus married Norma Jean Baker, an actress he met on the set of Leprechaun 11 where he was a stand in. They have four kids, including triplets, two of whom will be small while the third will be normal height.

"Tis a great blessing”  Fortune told the Tuscaloosa Tribune free sheet.

"We are only starting to celebrate. We’ll be drunk for weeks.”

Fortune works at the Alabama advanced neutron collider lab as a senior researcher in oscillating dynamics when he is not working as a “little person.”