The 'Save Lennox' campaign isn't over yet; friends of the pit-bull look-alike executed in Belfast under a law prohibiting dangerous dog breeds now battle to have the dog's ashes and effects returned to his human family.

The dog's owner, Caroline Barnes, has written to the city council requesting the return of his remains, the Belfast Telegraph reported.

“It is very clear that you wish to prolong the hurt you have already caused my family," she wrote in the letter.

But according to the city council, the remains are up to Ms Barnes to collect whenever she wishes, and have been languishing in the council's care in the meantime.

“The council confirmed to Ms Barnes’ solicitor on July 18, that the collar, lead and muzzle were no longer held by the council," a Belfast City Council spokeswoman told the Telegraph.

“In relation to the ashes, the council confirmed to Ms Barnes’ solicitor that the ashes could be released to Ms Barnes a number of weeks ago. The council are still awaiting a response.”