A Kosovo man known as “the boss of bosses” in organized crime, is living in Ireland.

Enver Sekiraqa (37) who is living in the southeast of Ireland has not been extradited because as there is no extradition agreement between the Republic and Kosovo.

However Irish authorities have received a request from Kosovo to return him for trial.

Senior officials from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Department of Justice are in continuing talks with the Attorney General’s office in an attempt to establish some legal mechanism to return the 37-year-old to Kosovo for trial.

Mr Sekiraqa is the alleged head of an ethnic Albanian crime gang. He has appeared on Interpool's crime list and authorities believe he has been involved in gang crimes for a number of years.

He is wanted in his home country for questioning in relations to his gang activities, involvement in the sex trade and the murder of a police officer.

It is not yet known why he decided to move to Ireland, but it is understood he has been living in the Wexford and Waterford area for some time.

He speaks both Albanian and Serbian and despite been born in Pristina, he now has Serbian nationality.

The international crime organization, Interpol, says he is wanted for questioning about “crimes against life and health, organised crime, transnational crime, sex crimes, thefts."