The lawyer defending Irish nanny Aisling McCarthy Brady has pointed to several ‘holes’ in the murder case against her client.

The 34-year-old McCarthy Brady faces homicide charges relating to the death of baby Rehma Sabir in Quincy.

The Cavan woman is currently behind bars after she was charged with the assault and battery of one-year-old Sabir in her parents’ home in Boston.

Police claim Brady violently assaulted the infant sometime on January 14, causing massive brain injuries that led to her death.

Official reports say the girl was so badly beaten that her eyes bled.

Now, in an exclusive interview with the Irish Sun newspaper, lawyer Melinda Thompson has insisted her client is innocent.

Thompson has also picked ‘holes’ in the case against McCarthy Brady and said that Aisling ‘loved’ Rehma.

Thompson told the Irish Sun: “The charges and how this has happened, it is all devastating to Aisling. She is pleading her innocence. I have met her husband and have spoken to some of her siblings and they support her fully.

“They are standing by her and don’t believe she has done anything wrong. They believe she loved that girl and would never do anything to hurt a child.

“Her family are nervous at the moment and are not saying much. They are very worried.”

Thompson also said that ‘serious questions’ must be asked of other parties in the case.

She claimed that the timeline of events put forward by cops does not add up and that police reports shows that numerous other people had access to the child in the hours before her death.

Thompson also revealed that recent trips abroad by the family may have contributed to the baby’s condition and prove that Aisling had minimal access to the child for the past month.

The lawyer added: “There is definitely something wrong with the timeline and the accusations.

“I hope no-one hurt the child and that it was an illness or something. I appreciate that there is medical evidence coming out that will show at some point that she was potentially harmed.

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“But the child was on an extended trip to London before Christmas time. Aisling did not go with the family so she did not see the child for a long time.

“She got back from London and the child was sick, not dying but with a baby flu. The doctor said she was malnourished and advised that she not go on the next trip, which they had scheduled.

“I am not questioning the parents but they took her to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. They were away for three weeks. When they came home the extended family started coming in leading up to the birthday party.

“Aisling was kind of in and out, helping but not working her normal hours with the child.

“On Monday she arrived and the child was sleeping. Her mother woke her up at 8.15am. Aisling then played with her as she was crying because her mother was leaving to go to work.

“The mother left at 9.30am. The child cried a little bit more, Aisling played with her and then put her down for a nap.

“People were in and out of the house in that time to see the baby. Somebody came over to bring another child.

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“The baby woke up at about 1pm. Aisling tried to feed her. She ate a little bit and then slumped over and started to fall asleep again in the chair. So Aisling put her down for another nap.

“Now the authorities are trying to say that in the time period between about 2pm to 4.15pm, which is when people started coming back to the apartment, Aisling lost her temper and did something to the child.

“They are saying she shook her. My real problem with the case is that I can’t understand how you can shake a child that violently and cause those injuries without leaving a single mark on the child. Not a fingerprint, not a handprint.”

Thompson also told the Irish Sun that the police report states the tot suffered from pre-existing injuries which occurred during the holiday period when Aisling did not see the child.

She added: “There seems to be a lot of holes in this case. I believe in Aisling, I really do. I don’t think that she hurt this child, she loved her.

“She has been a nanny for 13 years and has never, ever hurt a child. They are coming up with stuff about a fight with a boyfriend but that has nothing to do with this.

“The police have charged prematurely. The autopsy is not even done yet. It’s a heartbreaking case. I feel horribly that someone lost a child, it’s the worst thing in the world. But I think if anyone is charged, I think it should be the right person.”