In the ongoing feud between Larry O'Donnell and Glenn Beck escalated on Tuesday as O'Donnell announced that he's "gotten to Beck as no one has before". O'Donnell discussed Beck's religious views and his lack of education on the matter.

Last week O'Donnell took Beck to task over his comments on the fact that Japan's earthquake was a sign of the apocalypse. O'Donnell called on the Book of Revelation, which Beck had cited, he said it was a "book of fiction" and that "no sane person believes the Bible in its entirety".

Responding to these comments Beck called MSNBC the "anti-God network" three times in the last week and referred to O'Donnell as "anti-God-fearing", however he never used his name.

On Tuesday O'Donnell said Beck was avoiding using his name as he was worried that people would be driven to his non-apocalyptic message. He said he had gotten to Beck "as no one has before" because he had been willing to go after the host's religious views.

O'Donnell asked whether Beck would ever be able to choose between his "businessman side" and his "religious fanatic" side.

He said "Knowing what I know about Beck, his money and his religion, I'm betting on the businessman to win."

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