A new Irish designer has been plucked from obscurity by Lady Gaga who will likely wear one of her creations to the Grammy awards.

Joanne Power (27), from Cork, has sent Lady Gaga three outfits for the Grammy's, after Lady Gaga’s stylist saw her collection at the London College of Fashion where she studies.

Lady Gaga's meat dress was  a sensation at  the MTV Music Video awards last September.

She  has been nominated in six different categories at the Grammys which will mean lots of costume changes.

"I spent the most stressful hour of my life last Friday, running around getting the six pieces ready to ship them to the States,"  Joanne, an MA scholarship student at the London school told the Irish Independent.

"Lady Gaga's stylist saw my MA collection and I sent out two long dresses, a top, skirt, coat and headpiece.

"Hopefully Lady Gaga might wear one of my pieces because as well as doing the Grammy's, she is doing a shoot for 'Elle' magazine and an interview with Jay Leno and I know she likes to support young designers."

Joanne is already an award winning designer having won  the Persil Fashion Award and the Nokia Young Designer Award.

She said "The aim of this collection was to compare parallels between space, time, perspective, and morality within my work,"

She said her fashion is inspired  by the work of sculptor Anish Kapoor and 19th- Century paintings,and she explores “the primal simplicity of shape, to contain, control and encase and explore the notion of infinity".

Joanne admits she was not expecting the call from Gaga’s people.

"Dressing celebrities is not the only route I'd like to pursue to get my name out there because it is not sustainable, but when it's Lady Gaga, you don't say no."

Already her  coats and dresses usually cost from about $1,000 upwards.