Should Jameson send Lady Gaga a thank you note? The most famous woman in the world is devoted to their Irish whiskey and is happy to say so in interviews around the world.

As a result Gaga, who plugs Jameson Irish Whiskey at every opportunity, is helping a massive expansion in Irish whiskey sales worldwide.

The famous Irish firm sold a record breaking three million cases of Jameson Whiskey last year with strong demand also reported for other famous Irish brands ,such as Powers and Paddy.

Durng a recent concert in Ireland, Gaga dedicated a song to “my longtime boyfriend Jameson” (the man), who was “always there for me when I need him."

“When the show is over,” she told the crowd, “the glass is always half-full” – before singing her song ‘Speechless.'

Such promotion by the world’s hottest rock star is an incredible boost for the brand.

She took a tour of the company’s headquarters as well showing she was a true fan.

But it's not just the Gaga factor. Irish whiskey sales are soaring worldwide as Jameson are planning a multi-million Euro expansion of their operation.


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Jameson whiskey sales up by 18 percent

There’s whiskey in the car!

Jameson sales have now increased by a startling 600 percent over the past 20 years and have increased by 50 percent alone worldwide since 2006.

Perhaps its the crisis in the world's economies driving us all to drink, or perhaps the famous smoothness of Irish whiskey is finally catching on.

Either way the ‘water of life’ as the word whiskey means from the Gaelic is providing some comfort in hard times for many it seems.