Joe Coleman has yet again declared that the Blessed Mary would appear to him in the Apparition Church, at Knock, County Mayo. However, Coleman and about 200  of his dwindling followers were denied access to the Church by security officials.
The three doors to the small Church had been blocked so that the crowds could not gather inside.
After another failing visitation by Our Lady Coleman said “Our Lady was crying today. When she cries, I cry. She told me that the devil is present in Knock today. I wear St Benedict’s Cross to protect myself from the devil. She has asked us to keep praying.
“She is delighted with everyone who has come here today to pray. But she desperately wants us to pray for the priests.”
He also said that the Our Lady had told him that she fear the Troubles in the North might flare up again.
On Coleman’s website,, it explains that Coleman has “predicted nine apparitions” in Ireland during 2009 and 2010. None of these have been conclusive and his follows have dropped from the thousand to just about 200.
His website also advertising the fact that he will be featured in a documentary on the national broadcaster, RTE, next week and that he has released a book  “on his life and background which also contains all the messages received up to March 2010.”