Kim Kardashian and her new husband Kanye West went mountain bike riding on their honeymoon in Ireland, it has been revealed by the Irish Independent.

They tackled the Ballyhoura mountains on the Cork/Limerick border along with four others, including security, on the third day of their honeymoon.

The couple had been staying at the luxurious Castle Oliver in Cork but have since moved on to Kerry.

The couple known in the tabloids as Kimye arrived at Cork Airport on Sunday in a private jet. It is her third marriage, his first.

The Manager of Ballyhoura Failte, Fergal Somers, confirmed to the Irish Independent that the couple had been there.

“We were not told who they were except that they were Americans staying in a local residence,” Mr Somers said. “One of them had visited before after doing a concert in the Marquee in Cork.

“One of the party had
cycled the route before on a
previous visit, which is considered one of the best mountain-biking trails in the world.”

Kim and Kanye are set to spend a day in Dublin before flying back to the US from Cork Airport on Sunday