The American Ireland Fund has announced the appointment of Kieran McLoughlin as its new CEO.

Based in New York, he will be responsible for managing the fund’s network of donors and events across the United States, and its relationship with its sister organizations in 10 other countries.

McLoughlin has been associated with the fund for 14 years. He served as Director, Ireland-based, in Dublin from 1996 to 2004. During that period the fund in Ireland grew considerably and, for the first time, became a net contributor of revenue to the fund’s worldwide network.

He moved to New York, becoming president of the AIF in 2004, and has overseen the growth and development of the fund in various regions, especially Chicago, Philadelphia and Florida.

He re-launched the Young Leaders program and oversaw the fund’s most-successful single event – its 2007 New York Gala Dinner,  which raised over $4 million.

He steered the fund successfully through 2009, the worst year on record for philanthropic giving since records began in the U.S., and ensured that it is one of the only 12 percent of U.S. charities projecting a surplus for the year.

McLoughlin’s predecessor, Kingsley Aikins, who served as CEO for 17 years and now based in Dublin, will remain associated with the fund.

He will act as an advisor to the fund, particularly in terms of helping Ireland connect with its Diaspora and developing philanthropy in Ireland – two of the fund’s core objectives.

Commenting, Loretta Brennan Glucksman, chairman of the American Ireland Fund, said “I and the entire board are delighted with today’s appointment. Kieran has been centrally and critically involved in the growth and development of this organization for almost 15 years.

"He understands fully our mission and has shown great energy and imagination in raising resources to support the projects that fulfill that mission. Under his stewardship we are looking forward to further growth in a still difficult market and delivering for those in need.

"We are also very pleased that we will continue to benefit from the advice and counsel of Kingsley Aikins, who has contributed so much to the fund and whose expertise in philanthropy and Diaspora issues are unmatched.”

Kieran McLoughlin: New CEO for the American Ireland FundNuala Purcell