Comedian Keegan-Michael Key was stopped on the street by TMZ and asked about Viagra being made in Ireland, for some reason. The gossip site uploaded the video on December 8. Key, taken aback by the question, about an Irish town that "reeks" of Viagra, said it gave new meaning to the phrase "Top of the morning."

Key, one half of the comedy duo, Key & Peele, is in New York City starring in Steve Martin's comedy Meteor Shower opposite Amy Schumer.

The TMZ reporter was referring to a report in the London Times that the town of Ringaskiddy, where Viagra is made, has produced some kind of "knock on effect" to the town's men. A town bartender, Debbie O'Grady, told the Times, "One whiff and you're stiff." While O'Grady's mother, told the newspaper that men in the town no longer had "problems in that department." While a nurse in the town, Fiona Toomey, said that both men and dogs alike, "Walk around in a state of sexual excitement."

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Most of the world's Viagra is made in Ringaskiddy, County Cork. The drug is one of Pfizer's products and the company employs 3,000 people in the town, according to an Irish Independent feature. 

Although, what exactly TMZ thought Key would know about the issue is unclear. Did the reporter know that Key's stepmother, Margaret McQuillan-Key, is a native of Northern Ireland, according to a New Yorker feature. In the article, Key described visiting Ireland in the 1980s to visit family. According to Key's IMDb page, he graduated from Shrine Catholic High School in Royal Oak, Michigan.

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