Irish baby names are ranked among the most popular choices among parents in the US for 2012, according to the latest data.

According to Baby Center, Aiden came out as the winner this year in boys names, with Sophia being the number one choice for girls names. data shows Aiden has been a steady climber in popularity since 2002. Out of one million babies, 7,652 were named Aiden this year. It has remained in the top ten boys baby names since 2008.

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Liam also made the top ten list, being the fourth most popular choice for male baby names in 2012.

Since the start of the century, it has witnessed a strong increase in popularity. Over the last twelve months there were over 11,000 babies named Liam, per one million births.

Another traditional Irish boys name, Declan, also ranked 93 on the list.

As well as Irish baby names featuring as top options, some odd names such as Shoog, Burger, and Hippo also made the list for weirdest choices.

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Take a look at the top twenty baby names of 2012 below: