READ MORE- Run on the banks prompted Irish rescue deal

Almost 50% of people believe their money is unsafe in an Irish bank, while over one-third of people think their money is safe, according to an Irish Independent/Millward Brown Lansdowne poll.

Those who believe their money is safe are mostly wealthy and Fianna Fail supporters, while the less well off and Sinn Fein supporters are less inclined to have faith in the banks.

Dubliners were the most optimistic participants, while those residing in Connacht and Ulster were more pessimistic.

In December alone, €40 billion was withdrawn from Irish bank accounts as depositors retreated from the banking system.

Foreign companies and individual bank holders withdrew around €91 billion in total last year, according to figures released by the European Central Bank.

Regarding the upcoming election, 27% think that Fine Gael has the best policy, whereas 18% opted for the Labor Party.

Results from the poll showed that the majority of people have endured pay cuts, job losses or decreased working hours in the last three years.

A total of 61% of participants have had a pay cut, while 48% have had pay freezes.

Some 37% had their hours cut, while 38% either lost their job or were made redundant.

Almost one-quarter of those surveyed said they remained unscathed by the recession, the majority of these being over the age of 65.

READ MORE- Run on the banks prompted Irish rescue deal