A doctor chased down two punks in New York Thursday after they stole her iPhone from a Starbucks.

Dr Jini Rooney, who only immigrated from Ireland two months, ago gave chase to the two teenagers after they snatched her iPhone

A couple of concerned citizens joined her as she pursued the pair across West 74th Street.

"I was determined to run him down," she 36-year-old said. "I sized him up and knew I could get him."

Rooney said the iPhone contained pictures of her two children so she was determined to get it back.

She ran across four lanes of traffic screaming for help and was soon joined by several New Yorkers who were offering that help.

However Rooney then realized that she had left her handbag at the Starbucks on West 73rd and Columbus.

While she jogged back to Starbucks to pick up her purse the team of Samaritans continued on.

The Good Samaritans tackled one of the two teenagers removing his shoes to stop him from kicking out.

The other teen was tracked to a nearby florist where he was found trying to hide.

"This feels like my inauguration to New York. I feel like I belong," said Rooney.

"It was really a joint effort. The police were great, but really, the average people just stepped up. It's a real sign of community.

"This is actually a wonderful New York experience. I was in trouble, and complete strangers came to my aid. What more can you ask for?"

Tough cookie: Dr Jini Rooney, who only immigrated from Ireland two weeks ago, gave chase to phone thieves